Thursday, May 30, 2013

Camouflage Cupcakes

A very special person in my life was a part of the military for a long time (close to 13 years).  I wanted to make something for him for Memorial Day.  He said, "I'm not dead," but I thought he deserved it either way for serving his time. 

I read online that this worked best with a red velvet batter but I thought the red would mess with the different colors.  I already had some lemon batter from a previous order that I used.  I just divided to batter into three different bowls.  I mixed the colors (brown, black, and green) until I was pleased with the different shades. 
Once the shades are mixed, you just start adding the batter by the spoonful until the liner is 2/3 of the way full. 

After the liners are filled

Here they are after they come out of the oven

Once the cupcakes are cooled, you can frost them.  I made my frosting a little camouflaged too.  You simply put two different colors of frosting in a piping bag and you will have multi-colored frosting!

Final Product

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