Monday, February 11, 2013

Animal Print Baby Shower

My wonderful friend, Martha Lopez, has been bringing in customers for me and I just love it!  The first one I had the pleasure of making was a precious cake for a baby shower.  They found a picture online that they liked and we made some tweaks.  This was just a vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream under the fondant.  I made a 10 inch round cake for the bottom tier and 2-8 inch cakes for the top tier.  All three cakes were frosted and covered with a pale pink fondant made from marshmallows.  You can find that recipe here.  This recipe is really sticky at first so BEWARE!

Please excuse the terrible photos from my iphone.
The 10 inch cake before adding the marshmallow fondant.

 The ten inch cake covered.

I didn't take any photos from here to the finished product but I spent a lot of time cutting flowers, leaves, letters, an stripes for the final steps.

Finished product!

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