Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Baby Shower

I was lucky enough to be asked to make some cupcakes baby cakes and cookies for a friend's baby shower.  The theme for his shower and nursery is vintage airplanes.  I was so excited to do this for her because she just loves her some baby cakes!  I was a busy girl!  I made 5 dozen cupcakes and 4 dozen sugar cookies.  Each dozen of cupcakes were a different flavor.  The cookies were all regular sugar cookies (decoratively frosted of course).  I enjoyed making these for her because I knew she was just going to love them! 

Let's start with the sugar cookies.

I found this sugar cookie recipe.  It was perfect for what I needed!  I did tweak it just a little but by not adding the almond extract and only adding about a teaspoon of vanilla.  I also used the top of a cup to cut these cookies because my cirlce cookie cutter would not give me the space I needed for the decorations.

Sugar cookies before baking.

After I baked them I let them cool completely to be able to frost them.  Sugar cookies have always been tempermental with me.  I also looked for a good icing recipe.  It seemed like this one fit the bill!  The clouds were just regular butter cream that I had left over from the cupcakes.

I was actually very impressed with how these came out!

On to the cupcakes.  I didn't take any pictures until I was finished.  The flavors she chose were red velvet with cream cheese frosting, chocolate with chocolate frosting, vanilla with vanilla butter cream, orange with chocolate frosting and (her favorite) white chocolate with raspberry butter cream. 

Final product!

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